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Dave Padwin is a guitarist and vocalist from northeast Wisconsin. His music is electric and hard driving with a bluesy feel and plenty of guitar. In the bag is classic rock, blues, Americana and more. Contact for information or booking.



"Dave Padwin, a master of both wispy and agitating chops ..."
           Phrock Blog (dedicated to progressive rock music)

"Padwin mixed that sad feeling of country music with acid ... you can hear the guitar breathe by itself. The time is laid back, holding for short moments, and bending with a fast and delicate vibrato."
           Otis Hart, Dusted Magazine.

"... Padwin's fluid, instinctive technique ..."
           The Rising Storm (album review blog)

"If it weren't for the primacy of Casey Cosby's neo-classical keyboards over Dave Padwin's acid guitar leads, this rare-as-fuck LP would be close to the top of my West-Coast tree. It probably is anyway. This is wonderful stuff ..."
           Tony Dale, Camera Obscura (record label).


Marblecake, Kent, Ohio, 1970. With Dave, at left, Steve Foltz and, at right,
Glen Lucas. Not shown, Joe Vitale on drums, Bruce Rusin on B3.

The Prediktors and friends, Waukegan, mid '60s. David Lee Miller,
Sam Benning, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bud Vanhorn, Dave Padwin.

Donna and David

Music Emporium album, recorded in '68 as a demo, was heavily pirated until its legitimate release in 2001


David Padwin grew up in Milwaukee. His grandfather played fiddle with old time string bands. His mother played classical piano. His father played guitar in 40's era swing bands. The house was always filled with music, Chopin to Les Paul to Muddy Waters.

Dave first studied piano. By his teens he'd taken up guitar and soon enough was playing in bars and dance halls with a succession of bands.

By the mid '60's he was touring full time. There was a year with the Shy Guys from La Crosse, then the Prediktors from Ohio. The Prediktors eventually settled in Chicago and for several years played the top clubs there.

In '68 Dave joined Los Angeles psychedelic rock band Music Emporium. The band was short lived, but their 300 demo albums escaped storage to gain notoriety in the world market of pirated music. The Music Emporium album was released on CD in 2001 on the Sundazed label, but copies of the original 300 records still command several thousand dollars.

There were a few more years on the road. Eventually a burgeoning career in journalism didn't allow for a band commitment. It also meant less distractions allowing Dave to focus on music writing and further develop his own style on guitar.

After settling in northeast Wisconsin in 2000 Dave returned to the guitar with a vengeance. He now performs regularly playing his own brand of rock and blues.